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Questionyou were looking forward to cladz's nsfw stream, weren't you? Answer

I don’t watch artist livestreams.

Plus it was really obvious that it was an act since wouhlven’s “angry reactions” were over-the-top.


u///u ponysona butt

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QuestionWould it kill you just to reblog the original Post instead of just er-uploading the Art ? Answer

And have multiple pieces per post, some of which are either irrelevant (i.e. not anthro or MLP), have differing age ratings or are too adult for this blog (look at some of the Kevinsano stuff I posted recently to get the idea).

No thanks, I’d much rather go through the effort of posting piece by piece.


First ever drawing with the intuos.  Also new colouring technique (ps: i don’t like the colouring technique).


Commission for DragonlordT

They’re just having a sparring, ok? It’s not like they’re happy about killing each other or something


A little teaser for everyone to enjoy while I finish coloring everything else and by everyone I mean the ones that like it and won’t fill my inbox with butthurt. It is gonna be a while but I am uploading the rest all at once.